Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Paula Dorf Perfect Double-Ended Brush Set

So my little glitter bugs this was my last gift to myself to kick off my no buy. This brush set normally retails for $95.00 but I've seen them sold on various sites for $75.00 (though I can't vouch for the authenticity of them).

I went to Winners (A store I'm pretty sure is only in Canada and sells name brand things at a discount) I went because my boyfriends mom wanted to get some stuff before she goes on vacation so we went with her. I browsed around the spa and beauty products then purses and then back to the beauty stuff, there was tons of stuff and tucked away on the bottom shelf are three of these brush sets. I grabbed it, opened it up and inspected it. It said it retails for $95.00 and they were selling it for $29.99.. Needless to say, I was feeling guilty about all my recent purchases so I didn't buy it.

I went home and did some checking around on the Internet to find out that this item DOES infact sell for 95 bucks! I was so bummed to have passed on this opportunity. So I asked my lovely (amazing) boyfriend if he could go back and grab it for me since the store is only 10 mins from his house and an hour from mine. He did with no complaints, he must love me. Best of all IT WAS THE LAST ONE. My little babe did good! ..Ok sorry to my readers for getting semi-mushy there.

I haven't gotten much use out of this product yet but just based on the feel of the brushes and the sturdiness of them is fantastic. The case is really soft and great for travel, although, since they are double ended brushes you need to be REALLY careful when your putting them back in their holders so you don't frey the bristles.

Expect and in depth review on these little lovelies soon!  

Until my review is done, you can check out Paula Dorf's description of this set here.

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