Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Holt Renfrew + Tory Burch - FEED Bag

  So, Summer is just around the corner and I'm the owner of several large purses/handbags/totes. I love big bags, despite the fact that I don't really carry around all that much. I concluded that I need a nice light "summery" bag. That's just kinda, whatever, you know, breezy and light.

I was at the mall about two weeks ago and came across a Tory Burch bag that was a collaboration with Holt Renfrew where all the proceeds of the purchased bags goes to charity. Which is just all the more reason to buy the bag. I went with the pink version.

 Money raised provides 500,000 meals and $50,000 of microfinance and mentoring, which will empower children and women by investing in their futures. These charity items that Holt Renfrew sells are pretty regular (and awesome!) check out the Holt Renfrew + Michael Kors Collaboration for Breast Cancer Research I got last year.

In a way, I'm surprised to say that the bag is as good quality as it is. Because its burlap I thought it would be shabby at first look, to me it just seemed like something that would get holes or something in it. Its really sturdy and well made though. My favorite part of the bag is defiantly the strap, it seems almost have Native American vibe. The interior of the bag is fully line with an almost canvas like material so its not like your going to have a pen poking out the side of your purse through the burlap.

Overall, I'm really happy with the bag, the only down side is that burlap particles kind of shed from the bag but you can wipe them off your pants or whatever your wearing fairly easily. I also have a feeling that it some point, the shedding will come to an end, but even if it doesn't its no big deal for me.

The price point was great (it was only $50.00... and that's for charity, hello!) Its got an interesting look, its definitely not your everyday average looking bag.

This bag is available in three variations all with FEED and Tory Burch half logos on each side of the bag the variations are: Red strapped with faded blue text, Pink strapped with faded blue text and Yellow strapped with a nearly solid blue (or black [I'm not sure, I didn't see this in store]) text.

This bag is for sale at all Holt Renfrew locations, in exception to Last Call and Winnipeg Personal Shopping Suites, while quantities last.

You can also get these bags online at Holts Online Shop

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Monday, 14 May 2012

imPRESS: Press-on Manicure Review

Hi everyone,

So I'm a HUGE fan of Acrylic/Gel nails, I love how they look and feel.

But, sadly, I've banned myself from getting my nails professionally done. I used to be a regular, for about 6 months straight I'd constantly get my nails done, every 2 weeks, I'd either get a fill or a new set. But after awhile I really noticed a decline in the quality/health of my own nails. They were brittle, bendy. peeling and, just, gross. So I stopped getting them done. Two years later my nails are almost back to normal.. Although, both my index fingers still peel, no matter what I do.

Even though I love a good set of fake nails, I just can't do it to my poor natural nails again. Especially since they're almost back to normal again. So imPRESS nails is what I've opted for. I chose to go with a basic french manicure look. This set cost me $8.99 CAD at Rexall. 

The packaging itself is really cute and unique. I really like the idea and that its a container that is resealable. It makes it easier if you want to hold on to the nails for future use. The plastic is nice and sturdy and is not at all flimsy.

This set includes - 24 nail covers, in 12 sizes, one prep pad, and a container to keep the nails in.

Instructions (according to back of box):
  • Find the correct size for each nail. (If needed use smaller sizes for best results)
  • Lay out 10 nails in finger order.
  • Cleanse natural nails with enclosed prep pad.
  • For best adheasion, firmly apply nails, thumb nails last. 
The instructions were really straight forward. So I got to work. This is how they looked after application: 

I was really surprised that they lasted as well as they did (mind you I popped them all off on Sunday) but I showered a couple times between Thursday night and Sunday night. I also washed my face and hands multiple times too. 

The nails held up well but, I just couldn't keep them on. They were making me crazy. On the Friday, my boyfriend and I grabbed some Italian style sandwiches (From California Sandwiches.. If you go try the Chicken.. Its too good for words) This type of sandwich is messy, tomato saucy and all out delicious. Unfortunately the tomato sauce got under one one my nails and stained the plastic reddish/orange. Not attractive.

Another thing that really bothered me about them is that there was a slight gap between the edge of the nail and the glue (see photo to right). Which wouldn't be a problem if I had a buzz cut, lol. But I have long hair, and run my fingers through my hair from time to time. The first time I did this (about an hour after I put them on) I ripped out SIX hairs. Six hairs got stuck between my natural nail and the impress one. Not Cool. Plus it kinda hurt. 

Over the three and a half days I had my nails on this happened multiple times. One of my nails also got caught in my boyfriends hair, which is long and curly (think Slash's hair) and he wasn't too happy about that to say the least.


All in all I think that these nails are great, and although I took them off only after 3.5 days, I think they could have lasted me at least a good 5 days. The adhesive on the nail is better then I thought it would be, its like a really thick/sticky gel, which held up really well. Application and removal of the nails was really simple.I highly recommend these nails for anyone who's interested in these. But I don't recommend them for long wear. Only because they pulled out so many of my hairs and stained from tomato sauce. They're great to pop on if you have an event to go to or just to mix things up. 

If you want real longevity out of a "fake nail" manicure I recommend getting them done in a salon. Or growing out your natural nails!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

[Indulgent Designs] Infinity Knot Ring

The other day I was browsing through blogs and came across Buy Now, Blog Later while I was clicking through pages on her blog I came across This Post and I fell in love. 

Immediately after reading the post and subscribing to her I went to the Esty link she recommended in her post and bought the ring. I chose not to wear mine above the knuckle, just out of fear of losing it, and I wanted an everyday, regular below the knuckle ring.
[Image from Indulgent Designs]

The seller her post led me to was Laura, from Indulgent Designs. She has the cutest pieces of jewelry at great prices (this ring cost me $23.00 US). And her shipping prices are BEYOND reasonable! When I ordered my ring the shipping was only $2.00 US! How can you beat that?! All of her shipping prices seem to be very fair!

Before I ordered my ring I contacted Laura, who is beyond nice, and I asked her if this ring was ok to wear as a "normal" below the knuckle ring (I asked because in one of the photos included in the item description was a photo of the ring above the knuckle) She replied quickly, and assured me it was and that the majority of her customers order the ring for "normal" wear.

While I was checking out, in the comment box, I put in my ring size and completed the transaction. The next day I got an email from her letting me know she would start working on it and that she would let me know when she shipped it. A couple days later she told me she shipped it and about 4 days after that I had my ring! 

After ordering it, I was concerned that the ring would be flimsy and bend/lose its shape easily. But it doesn't at all. It's a strong sound ring despite the daintiness of it. It's such a cute delicate looking piece! I'm so happy I ordered it! 

I was so impressed with my ring that a couple days after I received it I went back to her Etsy store and got some earrings! I love that her stuff is hand made, communication with her is fast and pleasant and her stuff is so unique and cute!

If your interested you can get the ring from Laura here.

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