Monday, 2 May 2011

A Makeup Lovers Maddness... Inglot Prep

Ok, I'm a self admitted make up psycho.

My boyfriend and I are going on a trip to Montreal this summer for a KISS concert (which we're both super excited about! Gene & Paul are gifts from God lol) and as an extra little bonus for me: There are a few Inglots in Quebec! (two of which are in Montreal) So I'm totally going to be hitting them up to buy some new goodies!

This is going to look totally psycho, but I figure I might as well share it with you all haha.. I did a general sweep over Inglots USA website for anything that caught my eye. So this is my first "draft" of the things I want to buy. With this I'll eliminate things that are too similar or things that I'm not in love with as much I was the first time I saw the images on Inglots site.

So here goes the crazy:

Okay, so I know it looks like a lot, but from this, I'm going to narrow it down somewhere between 4-6 shadows. It'll be pretty tough but I think I'll be up to it (this is exactly why I'm doing this three months in advance!) I know that the colors in person will probably be a little different, but I want to walk into the store knowing roughly what it is that I want so I don't end up with a slew of things I love in the store but will get no use out of in reality. 

Again these blushes look pretty dark but I'm more so into browinsh tones rather than pinks, I'm hoping to narrow all these down into the neighborhood of 2-4 blushes..

Before the trip I'll post up my finalized list, and then when I get back I'll show you what I got along with swatches and sometime after that you all can expect a review.

Wish me luck! =)

You can check all of these shadows/blushes on Inglots US website here.


  1. Great post.... this is not psycho whatsoever. I'm the same! I have a list of every Inglot shadow/lipstick/pigment/concealer etc that I own in my phone, plus a list of "wants" for my next visits. If I see a swatch online that I like, in the phone it goes!

    I think the planning is part of the fun!!! :) :) :)

    Good luck & hope to see a picture of your haul after your trip!

  2. That cell phone list is actually a really good idea.. I may have to steal that from you =P

    And there will 100% be a haul post! =)

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