Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in 04 Deep Matte: Review + Swatches

Okay, so I'm going to apologize once again and also let you all know to expect a few more reviews (and swatches) of Body Shop stuff. I'm loving it. Its SO good - I'm still honestly a little shocked because I thought The Body Shop was more of a "Smelly Cream" store only.. But I was wrong.. Oh boy was I wrong!

This is what The Body Shop said about this product "Best if you want to: Give your skin an even, bronze matte finish with a honey-enriched pressed powder. How it works:  Even matte finish,  Convenient compact".

So I'm in FREAKING LOVE with this powder because its MATTE! Sure shimmer is nice, but I'll always be a true matte fan, weather it be shadow or lipstick, I prefer it.

I believe this comes in 4 shades and this one just so happens to be the darkest (Deep Matte 04) I bought this for contouring and also because I use self tanner on my whole body in exception for my face. I just don't see the point in putting it on my face when I wash it 2 times a day on top of that I use an iSkin face scrubber every night and do masks on my face weekly - my thinking is that any sunless tanner will just come off quickly regardless so I just don't do it. So I bought this so in the summer months when I'm my darkest my face can match my bod.

I use this stuff tons, there's nothing bad I can say about it and at $18.50 its a steal. The pan is pretty big (11g or 0.39 oz) and the case has a mirror in the lid (which is always an added bonus). The only thing I wasn't too happy about with this product is that the little Body Shop logo on the front rubbed off a bit from it being in my make up bag - but that's not even an issue.

This stuff is very pigmented, smooth and VERY easily blendable. I use my ecotools retractable kabuki to put this stuff on. Its not heavy, its not drying, its not cakey and the chick at The Body Shop even told me that the honey in the product would prevent this stuff from drying out your skin throughout the day, which to me seems pretty accurate.

Blended in (left) Unblended (right)

There is only one thing that really disappoints me about this product and its a HUGE disappointment. Its limited edition! Yes people its only for sale for the spring/summer of 2011! So you best believe I'm buying a back up of this before the summers over! ..Don't tell my boyfriend but I may get two back up of this baby =)

So you guessed it this ones out of the park.. like were talking not even near the park anymore its not even in the vicinity of the park. This bronzer is so far away from the park that the park is a dot to this little baby.

No explanation needed. 5 GlitterBombs out of 5.

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