Thursday, 25 August 2011

So This Is The Dealio...

Sorry... Sorry.... Sorry!

I apologize for my absence, again. Honestly, I haven't been feeling super 'bloggy' as of late and I blame yadda yadda (btw I'm a super Seinfeld fan) and so on. Anywhoo, I'm going to attempt to make an effort. Attempt. I can't, and am choosing on not committing you guys. Because I don't want to be a little liar and claim I'm back on the (blogging) wagon. Because I'm not sure I'm quite there yet.

So in other semi-beauty-related news. Stephanie (That's me!) is getting braces.. FINALLY!

I'm seriously excited. I'm trying my best to gather up the gumption to post a picture of my teeth as they are.. I'm so self conscious about them. They are what you would call a bad scene. Bad bad bad scene.

So today (woohoo) I'm going for a cleaning and X-rays! The first step on the road to straight (ballin' ass) teeth!

Also I'm going on a kind of sort of *GASP* No Buy... Only until I get together $500 buck-a-roos for, nothing other then my braces. My favourite boyfriend is going to cover the rest of the down payment well, pretty much.. Because he loves me ha!

So stay tuned if your interested in seeing my progression through braces... In the near future expect a photo of my teeth pre braces! They're a hideous mess! ..I'm getting the feeling I'll end up posting the pre braces photo the day I get the braces put on haha...

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wet 'n' Wild Mega eyes Creme liner Black #886 Review

I had great expectations for this baby! I've read reviews where is compared to (and sometimes even more recommended then Mac's Blacktrack) They don't sell it here in Canada (at least not anywhere that I'm aware of) So when my boyfriend and I were in the States I picked one up when we were in Meijer (which is a rockin ass store) ANYway, I think this thing retails for $3.49 USD and you get 1.3 oz or 3.3g (I think lol) You also get a little brush that i pretty much useless (to me) in regards to putting this product on.

If you notice in the picture above the clear container itself does not hold the product, the product is held in a smaller black plastic container. I don't like this, its tacky. When I unscrewed the lid from the container the black "bowl" (for lack of a better word) fell out of the clear outer part.

Another thing that I don't like is that there was a little like plastic covering over the product. As soon as I saw this i knew it had bad news written all over it. The moment I pulled off this safety seal thing I stuck the brush in the product and it was surprisingly creamy! I swatched it and it was well pigmented. Like, amazingly pigmented. After the swatch I made sure that I screwed the lid on *SUPER* tight.

It wasn't until about a week later that I was disappointed. Sure the product looked good when it was on my eyes but, like, I don't like when eyeliner is dry and tugs the skin of my lids. It was quite hard to work with compared to the swatch I did. Also the first time I used it I noticed it started to flake off after 4 hours or so. That's a big turn off.

In terms of the speed in which the product started to dry out, I don't think it'll last that long. Unless you choose to depot it and put it into a jar that seals better.

I will not repurchase this one ladies (and gents) It blows the big one. I'm choosing not to show you a swatch because this product sucks-a-roo.

This product gets ZERO GlitterBombs out of 5.
Because when I buy something I want it to work.

I highly HIGHLY recommend emphasEYES Amizonian Clay Waterproof liner, its more expensive but its well WELL worth it. I love it!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Public Service Announcement: Check The Brush!

Seriously, seriously. My rule when I buy polishes is always ALWAYS check the brush.

But even I make mistakes. I got a little bit too over excited one day while in Sally Beauty and just grabbed this polish all willy-nilly and didn't check the brush.

China Glaze Flying Dragon & its messed up counterpart

I love this polish, I really do. Its fantastish. I would use it all the time if the brush wasn't effed up. I just don't have the heart to toss it because its so pretty and I do have nail art brushes I can use to put this polish on. So for all you little psycho make up people out there (like myself) don't let yourself get all swept away in something and forget to be aware of nail polish brush damage lol =)

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