Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Half Moon Nail Tutorial [Reattepmt]

Ok guys lets kick off June the right way lol, my last post about half moon nails was a big bust. it sucked, I know it, you know it. The end. Here is my first attempt at half moon nails. FYI - It looks horrid lol!

So I started by removing my current polish and filed my nails. So we've got a nice clean canvas now. I then applied Revlons Multi Care Base + Top Coat #965 let it dry and then followed this with a coat of Zoya Mitzi (this is a matte shade) I did a second and third coat of this to allow for the polish to be true to color. Be patient and let this FULLY DRY.

I then took paper hole reinforcers (the PLASTIC kind and stuck them on the back of my hand so they weren't super sticky - like so they aren't sticky enough to peel off the polish I just put on).

I placed the hole reinforcers on my nails and made sure they were secure. I made small cuts in the sides of the sticker so that the base of my nail was fully covered by the circle, if you don't do this there will be some lifting of the sticker because the skin at the base of your nail is somewhat raised compared to your actual finger nail. By the way, sorry about the blurriness in this photo lol

I then painted the top area with China Glaze Evening Seduction. It only took one coat to fully cover Mitzi. I then followed this by doing a top coat of Revlons Multi Care Base + Top Coat #965
This is the final result. Overall I'm really happy with it, sure there are a few imperfections but it was only my second time doing this. I'll be sure to do this manicure again and hopefully next time it'll be even better. I hope you all enjoyed this!

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