Friday, 20 May 2011

Wal-Mart Steals & Deals.. Lets Talk Nail Supplies

I'm a big fan of fake nails, because I can't grow my nails, they chip and break and flake. All of this is ironically due to getting my nails done constantly. Two years ago there was about 6 months where I only wore acrylics. I loved them! but my wallet didn't and I HAD to get a fill every two weeks - my nails grow super fast.

So I stopped all that and since then my nails just haven't been the same. Lately, I've seen tons of reviews of Kiss' nail kits, you know the ones where you put the glue on your nails and just press on the fake nail part and that's all? I decided I want them so I headed to my lock Wal-Mart and they were like $12 for the original press on nail thing and $15 for the ones with the easy break off tab. To me this kit isn't worth 12-15 bucks! I can get my nails done for $20. So I opted for Kiss' other nail kit, for $18 it includes nail glue, acrylic powder, acrylic liquid, a brush, a mini nail file, a dappen dish and a wood pointy thing for cleaning up the edges of your nails. This kit did not include nail tips. I had already bought some form eBay.

This is what the kit looks like:

Anyways this kit doesn't require you to use a UV lamp for the acrylic to set (which is awesome because I don't want skin cancer!) the application was quite easy - expect a tutorial soon!

This is how my nails turned out.. Not too bad for a first attempt:

Also on this little Wal-Mart trip I also got a MASSIVE deal on nail polishes and a hoof nail care kit.. I bought this kit for one thing - a hang nail trimmer thing (which is in the red box below) because I lost mine. I didn't have high expectations because this kit only cost $3.98 but everything in it seems to work quite well. Included in this kit is: Nail scissors, a metal nail file, a three step file buff and shine file, a cuticle pusher, another wooden stick thing, nail clippers and the hang nail trimmer thingy (does anyone know the actual name for this thing lol?) 

And the best part of this trip.. The polishes, oh the polishes! each of these were.. get this.. Drum roll please... $1.57! WHAT THE HELL? I'm used to paying like 10 bucks a polish, I'm pretty sure next time I'm in Wal-Mart I'm going to get the rest of these babies. Expect a review and more details soon!

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