Sunday, 15 May 2011

Moccasins are love? I'm about to find out..

So I'm a fan of UGG's I think they're cute, and a ton of people can pull them off. BUT. Now this is a huge but - I (personally) don't think anyone with larger sized feet (me) can pull them off. I'm a womens size 11 (sometimes SOMETIMES a 10) I tried on UGG's and I distinctly remember in the store saying "I feel like a Storm Trooper" haha saying that was followed by stomping around the store like an idiot.

ANYways the point is this is how I felt with the boots on:

Now if you ask me.. looking, ok rather, feeling like I look like that isn't cool, I don't want to feel like I have huge space boot feet so the UGG dream died there and then. (Please note I'm fully aware UGGs look nothing like the boots this dude is wearing in the photo)

Fast forward about 3 years filled with whatever cold weather shoes I could find that weren't disgusting (Check out Le Chateau! they have some pretty good stuff in bigger sizes too! Unfortunately, Le Chateau is only in Canada) I found my new little lovelies! ok ok I know they're not "boots" but they're pretty badass and even if I did buy UGGs I'd avoid salt and snow like the plague, so these are just as good. When the snow here gets out the ass crazy I still have my Le Chateau boots =)

So here they are!

They're so warm and comfy AND I got them on SALE! wo0t! wo0t! they were only $67.00!

I love these so much that I actually bought the boot versions of them! They're called Mukluks - They're super cute! I bought them online, I should have them soon. The only reason why I bought them now is because they were 30% off with free shipping from SoftMocs website. I paid $149 for them (plus tax) and they retail for $219 (plus tax) So I think I got a pretty good deal! This is what they look like:

You can buy both of these shoes from SoftMoc's website here.

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