Monday, 9 May 2011

The Tanning Files: Chapter 4 - Life Brand Smooth Bronze Self-Tanning Continuous Spray

Okay kiddos,

This is my second installment of the tanning files as far as actual reviews are concerned. Today we're talking about Life Brand Smooth Bronze Self-Tanning Continuous Spray (which is $13.99 CAD from Shoppers Drugmart). The first time I used this product I was way WAY too heavy handed. I just sprayed it all over myself and didn't rub it in (as per the instructions). While I sprayed my upper body the stuff that missed my body fell to the floor which is where my feet were, so they came out super unbelievably dark (not orange though!) I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of this catastrophe lol

My second attempt at this self tanner has been quite pleasant. I decided that rather then following the instructions, I'd do this my own way. Rather then spraying the tanner directly onto my body I sprayed a good amount of it on a tanning mitt and applied it to my body that way. I'd spray it on the mitt and apply to my leg from the knee down, then I'd spray more product on the mitt and apply from my knee up and so on and so fourth.

Obviously taking my approach to it, your tan comes out much lighter then if you were to spray the product directly onto your body, it also goes on much more real and even looking.

Here's how it turned out: (All photos are clickable to enlarge)


Before                                                After

          A small blotch  

Look how even my feet look!
A little uneven around the heel though

As you can see everything came out really even, although, I was a little heavy handed on the back of my ankles (and I did rub there with the mitt more then once lol) and there's a tad of a blotch on the outside of my left hand (which is no biggie)


Ok I'm going to be honest with you all. I didn't even put this on a second time or take photos. This tan was totally faded in the matter of about 3 days. I put this tan on Thursday and it was gone by Sunday, like, ok I had some dark areas but I want definitely not "tanned" anymore.. at all. I guess applying it with the mitt didn't apply as much product as necessary for the tan to be able to stay on for more then a couple days.

When I sprayed this tan on it stayed on really well. But, I sprayed SO much product on and I came out super dark (like, it wasn't believable) and it was really REALLY uneven. So even though the mitt didn't deliver the darkness as spraying the product did, I still don't recommend spraying it on.

I guess this tan would be good for you if you want an even tan but only for a few days. If you want something you can just reapply once a week to continue to build or maintain a tan, I don't think this stuffs for you. Unless you apply it at least every other day.

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