Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Quo Powder Brush Review & Dupe To Mac's 134?

So I was in the market for a quality powder brush and I didn't want to shell out an arm and a leg for one. My original intention was to buy a MAC 134, but at $62.50 its a no go for me. Its a POWDER BRUSH! Its not like were talking about a duo fibre brush.. I love my 187 and love my 130 they're 100% worth the money but this should be one of MAC's more affordable face brushes - Its so easily dupable. For the second time its a POWDER BRUSH its not like its some amazing newly invented innovative thing. Ok I'll stop haha. 

If you look below its quite obvious that the brushes though not exactly the same looking are quite similar.

       MAC 134                     Quo Powder Brushes (Purple & Silver Handles)

Personally I've never used a MAC 134 other then playing with one in the store so I can't really compare the quality of it (though I'm sure is its amazing) from what I recall the MAC brush is soft and densely packed with very soft bristles. The Quo brush on the other hand is also very densely packed with almost as soft bristles as the MAC brush. The Quo brush normally retails for $23.00 (I bought it when Shoppers Drugmart was having a 40% off Quo products sale).

The Quo brushes do shed. Not bad at all though. Its very tolerable shedding and I'm sure the shedding on these two brushes will stop after a couple washes. I will update you after I've had them for awhile to let you know how the shedding is, I've only had the both of these for about a month (I use them both daily). I think over all these brushes are fantastic, I love them (which is why I bought two - I use one for blush/bronzer and one for setting powder) One thing that I really like about Quo brushes in general is the sturdiness of the handles which is really comparable to MAC handles. They're not flimsy what so ever so that's a big plus.

Quo Powder Brush Side View

Quo Powder Brush Top View

Overall this brush is well worth the money (especially if you get it when there's a sale on them). If your looking to get a MAC 134 but you can't justify the price and want something you can just run to the store and buy (well, if you live in Canada that is) rather then buying something online and waiting for it to be shipped to you or if you'd prefer to carry around cheaper brushes in your makeup bag (like myself - my 187 never leaves my house lol) this is the brush for you.

I'm going to give this brush 3.5 GlitterBombs out of 5 I'd like to give it 4 and I would but the shedding just isn't something I'm a fan of and the fact that I have to deal with anything more then 5 bristles popping out in the first couple uses is irritating to me. None the less, this is a good brush - but prepare for some minimal shedding with the first few uses until its washed a couple times (hopefully it'll stop by then - I'll keep you posted). This is a great "starter" brush for those of you who are still new to the make up world and still aren't comfortable with spending gobs of cash.

PS - Just to put it out there: After writing this review, and looking at that picture of the MAC 134. I'm sorry to say that I need to buy it. I have to - I'm happy with the Quo brush and its good for throwing in my travel bag.. But its just not a 134.. My boyfriend is going to read this and know (even more then he already does) that I'm totally psycho. But all of you make up crazies out there know what its like to just need something because you NEED it. So bottom line. Expect a review of the MAC 134 and an accurate comparison of the two brushes one day... soon =)

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