Monday, 30 May 2011

Shopping Hiatus.. I'm Embarking on a Make Up No Buy

So I've always been fully against chicks (or dudes) going on no buys (a make up no buy anyways) I just thought it was so pointless, like, why should someone deprive them self of something they want? It just never made sense to me. I figured that anyone who went on a no buy would end up saving a ton of money in the short term but then blow it all on make up anyways once its over.

Recently I've been out of control make up wise, sure I can carry on spending my money - I'm not hurting anyone, its not like I have a mortgage or a child to support. But I want to have some money for bigger things I want to do later on like going to Vegas and to Cuba, you know, stuff like that.

So I'm not going to dick around here. I'm not going to prep myself with a few short pissy no buys. I'm in this thing for the long haul baby! I'm kicking this thing until December 1 2011 (a.k.a. My birthday)  Now, don't expect swatches and reviews to stop a flowin' on here, I've got enough make up to last for 6 months worth of posts. I promise. I'm actually quite back logged I just keep reviewing and swatching the new stuff I buy and the older stuff I have is just sitting around waiting for its time in the spot light.

Anyways as I progress through this, I'm going to try and share some little tips, tricks and no buy strategies. I told my parents that I'm doing this no buy thing the long short and they don't think I'll make it through this at all. But I'll prove them wrong.

So I'm going to put a few rules in place.


1) I will not buy any piece of makeup that does not replace an existing product that I already own. So I'm allowed to buy new top/base coats of nail polishes when my current ones run out or when I'm out of primer/foundation I can buy replacements. This also applies to concealers, eye primers and stuff like that.

2) I'm allowed to buy maintenance products like: My three step face cleansing, toning moisturizing system & SPF face stuff. I'm also allowed to buy shampoos, body wash, toothpaste, razors, shave gel, deodorant self tanners, hair products and etc when they run out.


ALSO - I know that this no buy will cause problems for my plans of a massive Montreal Inglot haul so rather then lying to all of you and just not telling you about my purchases I'm going to give myself a limit I must either meet or stay below. I haven't decided yet but I'm thinking about somewhere in the neighborhood of $100-$150

I'm posting this to make you all aware of what I'm doing. I want to stay committed to this. I NEED to. Well I don't NEED to but I really want to see this thing through and I know I will. I want to prove my parents wrong lmao =)

MAC 150                                 MAC 134

Also, one last thing I'm going to address is my make up prize I will receive after I complete this massive mission: I'm going to buy myself a MAC 134 and maybe a MAC 150. I'm so excited, they'll be like little victory gifts AND birthday presents to myself!

I entered this no buy by purchasing my last 'treat' item.. But more on that later =)

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