Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Body Shop Coconut Shimmer Body Butter: Swatches + Review

This is my first of four "freebies" from The Body Shop. They had a deal: If you spent $40 you get a free bag yadda yadda yadda and four weeks of free gifts.

This would normally cost you $18.00 for 200 mls. 

I honestly, would not have ever bought this. Like you can buy tons of other things for 18 bucks. You do get quite a bit of product but EIGHT TEEN DOLLARS? haha ok enough of my cheap skate rant.

Overall  really like this stuff. I don't use it on my whole body.. Its shimmery, so I'd rather save the shimmer for more obvious parts of my bod. The long short of it is I only use it on my upper chest & collar bone area. I also put some on my wrists to replace a perfume when I apply it to my chest so I don't mix scents lol.  

It smells pretty good in the tub (but it does have an almost coconut rum smell lol) Once its been applied onto the skin it smells really great. A nice light coconutty smell. Amazing.

Since the tub is quite big, I think I'll have it for awhile - since I only apply it to limited parts of myself lol. Aside from all that I'm really torn about this product. Normally I love things from The Body Shop and am fully willing to pay a little extra. But this is a little bit on the steep side for me. But since I'll get tons of use out of it I'll probably buy it again. Maybe..

Fully blended (left) into my lovely boyfriends arm and unblended (right)

Out of principle, I have to rate this item 3 GlitterBombs out of 5, I like the product, I like the shimmer(sort of), the smell and the packaging. I just don't like the $18 price tag. I'm not one to slather shiny stuff all over my body to get the moisturising benefits from it, so I could just buy an unglittery version of this and be quite happy with it (even the price!). Its just this shimmer in it that ruins it for me a bit. I suppose you could use it on your face, but I have FACE products for that. So for the body (aside from your chest maybe) this isn't worth the money. Unless your wanting a shimmer on your self. Uggggh! I'm so back and fourth on this! I'm done! lol =)

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  1. I loved this product so I tried it on my whole body and it got rid of my pimples, my eczema, and my black spots in five days because of repeated use 5 times a day. Love It


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