Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Tanning Files: Disappointments in Paradise

I'm sorry to inform you all that the one tanner I've been super excited to try (St Tropez) has been just slightly more then a giant pain in the ass to get a hold of, between this company listing things on their website they "Don't have in stock anymore" and ridiculous shipping times I threw in the towel so to speak, I can't wait anymore. (My issues weren't from St Tropez' website, it was a different online retailer)

This company seems great, which is why I'm not going to drag their name through the mud. But I just had enough. I placed my first order with them and it took them about 6 days to let me know that they no longer stocked the item and that my money will be refunded. Fair enough. So I placed another order for another product on April 21st and they have yet to ship the items to me I called them today, the lady on the phone told me "I don't know why your order is taking so long to ship, we have those items here, if you want I can express post them to you and you'll have them before the weekend". Great solution, BUT I was just beyond pissed to hear that they have the items there and there's no reason for a delay. I told her I found another tanning product in the time that I'm happy with while I waited for them to ship and I no longer need the items.

So long story short, I will not be reviewing any St. Tropez Tanning products.. Which, In Canada anyways is super hard to find, I haven't found one store locally that carries it and I live in the Toronto area! If anyone is aware of any places I can buy some let me know, because I'd really like to try it!

I'm still waiting for my most recent tan to fade away full to do another review, hopefully I can start on one next week =)

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