Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Make Up Lovers Madness Part II... Inglot Final List

So I've been doing my research.. Big time! My boyfriend saw all the little lists I'm keeping and the notes I've been taking (which are hideous little scribbles that are 100% non legible to anyone other then myself. See below lol) I know to anyone who doesn't "get" make up this looks like pure OCD activity. But its necessary.

So this is the scoop I've come up with after hours of looking at various swatches.. I am really REALLY doubting I'll pick up any of the Shine Shadows, they look like they're poorly pigmented, they look great in the pan but (in photos mind you) they really fail to wow me. I suppose they could make good hi-lighters, but that's not what I'm in the market for.

I really like the looks of the AMC DS Shadows, and the Pearl ones also. The matte ones look nice too but, I just don't NEED any mattes at this point. Honestly after hours of scouring the Internet for swatches, looks and all that kinda good stuff - I'm somehow more lost now then when I was when I started. Like.. Inglots collection is huge HUGE, its too much to take in on the Internet. I think that the only way I'm going to walk into that store without looking like a total foaming at the mouth psycho freak is if I walk in with a clean mental slate.

Overall I don't think I'm going to go too crazy in there. I don't NEED anything so I'm just going to get the stuff that really wows me.I'm planning on checking out their gel liners really well. I have the feeling that I'm going to walk out of there with a yellow one for some reason lol and probably a teal one. One thing I know I'm going to get is an eye shadow base for suuuure. I'm going to go into the store give everything in there a good once over.. Take note of anything I like swatch it and see if its a keeper or a.. tosser? haha.

For the record I am going to be making up a list and putting it into my phone so I can check out somethings that did appeal to me online. This isn't necessarily the list of stuff I'm going to buy - just some of the stuff that MAY be coming home with me lol.

AMC Eyeliner Gel: #84 & #87
Eyeshadows: AMC #60, AMC #52, #457 DS, #402 Pearl, AMC# 50, #382 DS, #473 DS, #364 Matte, #474 DS, #370 Matte,, #477 AMC, #426 Pearl,, 3358 Matte, #545 Pearl
AMC Face Blush: All of them lol 
AMC Face & Body Illuminator: either 61,62 or 63

Hopefully I can narrow it down to 5 (or 10) shadows so I can either buy a palette for the shadows! =)

ALSO - On Inglots US website they are saying that the rainbow shadows will be available for sale on Friday July 15 2011. So I'm not sure if they'll be for sale in Montreal next weekend when I'm there but if they are - I may end up buying those. Haha. 

I thought since I put so much effort into finding good Inglot swatches I'd post a few sources I found helpful. BTW finding a specific Inglot swatch online is like finding a needle in a hay stack - so be prepared to search your little asses off lol =)

Getting Cheeky: A Whole Lot of Inglot Blog Post
Tina Marie Online: INGLOT Eyeshadow Swatches
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Specktra: Inglot Swatches/Pictures
Temptalia: Inglot Eyeshadows Review, Photos, Swatches
Beauty Addict: Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel – Swatches!
Inglot USA

Also, I'm subscribed to a Guru on Youtube, LittleKiva and I believe she works for Inglot. She does some really cool looks and is super talented. She uses a ton of different Inglot products and is actually the person who got me excited about going to Inglot when my boyfriend and I go to Montreal.

If anyone is interested here is my first post about this:

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