Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Dadge & His Flaky, Red Scalp..

Hey people, I just thought I'd share this with those of you who suffer from itchy, flaky red, irritated scalps!

My Dadge (a.k.a. My Dad lol and by the way its pronounced like the word "Badge") suffers from this. Early last week he was telling me how his hair dresser said he needs to get a shampoo like Head & Shoulders or something to get rid of the issues hes got going on scalp wise. I thought to myself "Maybe this would be a good time to attempt to get my dad(ge) to try something new!" I proceeded to tell him about how the LUSH bar shampoos that I've been using is helping me combat my extremely oily hair. He was kind of curious about how a bar shampoo works so I told him: "All I do is grab the shampoo bar in the shower, rub it in my hands really good to get some good suds goin' and go to town on lathering up your hair". After work he said he wanted to go to the mall to pick up a phone charger and said we should go to LUSH at the same time.

After work we were mall-ward bound! We head to LUSH and I started talking to the sales guy about what he'd suggest for a dry, red, flaky irritated scalp and he immediately said "Soak & Float" he also told me that it would probably take about a week or two to see some results and the smell of the shampoo itself is a little off putting but its worth it (apparently he had suffered some scalp issues also) He said that its the only thing that's worked for him and he had tried everything out there.

So my lovely Dadge bought two bar shampoos his, Soak & Float and one for me =) Squeaky Green! Which is supposed to be good for those of us with oily hair, since he got two shampoos he also got a free soap tin! Yay! lol

We were in LUSH on Wednesday night last week and its now Monday of the following week. I was talking to my Dadge today and I checked out his scalp and there's no more flake's! all the redness is totally gone - well its still a tad pinkish but its almost 100% back to normal. Hes on the road to... Scalp recovery! So good on you LUSH for helping my Poppas scalp issues clear up! wo0t!

So, Soak & Float you get 5 GlitterBombs out of 5!

This is what LUSH says about the Soak & Float bar shampoo: "Cade oil: We use it in our Soak and Float solid shampoo bar for its antimicrobial effect. Soak and Float can help alleviate the symptoms associated with dry scalps. The scent of freshly made tar. Effective anti-dandruff shampoo bar that smells like rich tar. Cade oil gives Soak and Float its distinctive smell and works against the microbes which cause dandruff and it works to alleviate bothered scalps that are dry and itchy. Lavender balances oil - and improves the scent! Lavender helps to condition poor, sensitive scalps and ever so slightly improves the smell!"

And just for good measure this is what LUSH says about the Squeaky Green bar shampoo: "Rosemary: We use rosemary to purify scalps in combination with nettle and tea tree. These herbs are incredibly effective when your hair is stressed out. Dandruff-busting rosemary. Beat flakiness and purify skin with rosemary, nettle and peppermint. Your hair is immediately transformed by the antibacterial tea tree. It really goes back to the basics of effective hair care. Everything in balance. This environmental wonder uses soothing rose, chamomile and vanilla to calm and balance out those powerful herbs."

I'll let you know how it goes with the Squeaky Green Shampoo. I haven't used it yet, I want to finish up my Karma Komba shampoo first! =)

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