Monday, 18 July 2011

Welcome To The Wonderful World of Waxing! Suddenly Smooth Products First Thoughts

A product thumbnail of Jilbere Professional Wax Warmer   A product thumbnail of Suddenly Smooth Deluxe Cream Wax

I'm a noob to the world of waxing. The only thing I've tried are those Veet strips, the ones that you peel apart and stuck on and pull off. Those are great but they can get a tad expensive and I just wanted something more precise.

I bought both The Suddenly Smooth Deluxe Cream Wax which is 14 oz for $23.99 CAD regular price and the Suddenly Smooth Professional Wax Warmer which is about $45.00 CAD regular (the one pictured above is EXACTLY the same as the Suddenly Smooth one I bought except the name - even when you type Suddenly Smooth in on Sally's search bar the Jilbere one comes up).

I just happened to go into Sally's when they were having a sale on Suddenly Smooth products (yay!) So I got the warmer for $39.99 CAD and the wax free because I bought the warmer! Super score eh?

A product thumbnail of GiGi Natural Epilating Strips & Applicators 

In addition to these two items I also bought a package of GiGi Natural Epilating Strips & Applicators (which was $5.99 CAD) it contains 20 strips and 10 applicators. I kind of regret buying these but I needed muslin strips and applicators. The reason why I regret buying them is because I could've just bought Popsicle sticks from the dollar store and took new rags from my Dad's shop (You can buy the rags from, like, tool stores - The one we go to for work is called Bolts Plus and the rags are CLEANLY WASHED cut up T-shirts and you can get like 15 pounds of shirts for like $15.00!)  

Anyways since I'm new to waxing. I don't think I'm acquaint well enough with the wax warmer or the wax itself so expect a full review after I get some more uses with these babies under my belt.

Here are my initial thoughts:

The warmer heats the wax up quickly and it doesn't get so hot that you'll burn yourself. As per the instructions I cranked mine to 10 let it melt the way and turned it down to 3 (which didn't keep it a good consistency so I put it back up to 10 and when it was fully melted I left it on 6)

As for the wax. I don't think I'm a fan. Now, like I said I'm new to waxing. But I didn't expect it to be so gloppy even after its heated. It applies fairly well and it pulled the hairs out well. I really like the color of it though! Its hot Pink! lol 

Stay tuned for a full review! 

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