Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tattoo Adventure The [Almost] Final Product & A Small Update

Sooo, I know its late, but I figure better late then never. The Artist that did my redo was really cool, I think her name is Amanda, I went to this shop on Bloor West in Toronto called Tat-A-Rama. In total the whole thing probably took 45 mins or so and costed $140.00 CAD. Honestly aside from getting these touched up (which I was told will have to be done because of their location) I doubt I'll be getting any tattoos any time in the near future. It hurts like a bitch, serious. The whole time I was getting tattooed my legs were uncontrollably twitching lol.

Right now I'm still in the scabbing process, when everything is fully healed (before my first touch up) I'll take a photo and I'll be sure to keep you all posted. Overall I'm quite happy with what I've got so far. I really prefer these over the diamonds I previously had. At first I wanted the tattoos to be all purple, but I was told by the artist that it just wouldn't look right because you'd still be able to see the diamond underneath the purple, which is why we opted for black in the center fading out to purple.

Now, for the update. Look, I'm sorry I was gone for that little while. I know it wasn't long but still. I feel bad. The thing is, I'm swamped, between going to concerts and being on a massive job hunt I've got no time and the time I do have is mostly spent sleeping lol. Right now I'm hoping and praying that I get a call back from LUSH. Not only for the discount (which is like 50% off!) but because I think it would be a rad place to work. Also I've been bogged down because of this damn Canadian postal strike (which is now over THANK GOD!) I'm expecting a few more packages to come in so you can expect a ton of swatches reviews and etc.

Thanks Guys! You're the best

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