Thursday, 28 July 2011

Inglot Haul + Swatches! PLUS A Confession =) Some Louis Vuitton Too!

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know my boyfriend and I went to Montreal for a KISS show a  couple weekends ago. On this trip we did some much needed relaxing, shopping and we obviously saw the concert. At this particular concert we weren't up front lol. It was PACKED. We actually sat in the VIP area in the back right corner. I'm glad we weren't in the massive crowd. We would have gotten stomped lol.

(This image is from KISSONLINE)

In addition to going to the concert we also went to a local mall. In this mall there just so happened to be an Inglot! Who could have guessed that lol. We didn't go to Inglot once, but TWICE! That's right, I tried to be good but I didn't succeed. This is the stuff from the first trip: Inglot's eye make up base #01 and AMC Shine #29 eyeshadow (which is an iridescent pink color). I tried and tried to get a good true to life swatch of this shadow, but my camera sucks, these photos are very true to life though.

This is from the next trip: DS #474 eyeshadow (which is yellow with silver shimmer) AMC #52 eyeshadow (which is a chocolate brown with gold sparkles) and AMC #51 eyeshadow (which is a bright pumpkin orange with silver shimmer)

I also got a 4 pan freedom system palette.

When I was in Inglot I obviously asked about the rainbow shadows, the girl told me they don't have them yet. While I was talking to her I mentioned that I was planning on making an online order - She told me Inglot doesn't ship inside Canada, I've yet to go find out if that's actually the case. She gave me the her Regional Managers card and told me that if I call this lady rather then trying to get something online I'd save a ton of money in shipping. So keep that in mind Canadian ladies! PS: Sorry the swatches aren't better I swatched these in the car right after we bought them lol

I know I was planning on hauling some More stuff because of my recent make up drawer clean up (which I've kept clean so far woohoo! lol) So rather then going gang busters at Inglot I only got a couple things so I can use up the rest of the stuff that I already have.

Confession Time

That's why I don't feel *AS* bad for buying two purses over the last week lol. I bought a purse from Browns. I had to buy it I just had to! It was regularly $98, and I got it for *drum roll please* $38! Plus it came with a wristlet!

On top of all this jazz I also got a Louis Vuitton 25 Speedy off eBay. I decided that my first LV should be a used one, because I'm not super graceful and I'm worried about ruining it. This purse is 100% real (I'm psycho and made my lovely boyfriend got to Holt Renfrew to the LV counter to get it all checked out)

So pretty much, make up and purse wise I'm rockin'. No more shopping.. Except clothes lol =) ..For awhile anyways haha

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