Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I Gotta Clean Up My Act... And My Make Up Drawer

Ok, when I was younger I was the messiest little piglet, even when I was in high school my locker was a disaster zone. That, luckily, is all in the past and I'm doing better in terms of keeping a tidy room and work area.

My nail polishes are wonderfully organized in a train case I stole borrowed from my Momma. But my make up. Ahh my coveted, loved make up is somewhat going unused =( its sad I know. Which is why I'm going to do a total overhaul of my make up drawer. I know, its only a lowly drawer but I suppose that's what I get for living at home. I really wish that I could store and use my make up in my room but I just don't have enough light in there.

So to ensure that I get the best use out of my ever growing collection of make up. I'm going to organize! I'm going to organize my make up loving ass off.

This is what I've got going on now. Its a nightmare. Please don't judge me.

I'm well aware that this is a hideous mess, but, but, but... Ok theres no excuse.

This is the new game plan. I hit up my local Dollar Store and I got a whole bunch of baskets, I think I got like 8 various size baskets for $9.00 (the plan was for me to take pictures of the empty baskets before I filled them with my stuff, but I forgot. Because I was over excited lol.

I separated everything into its own little section. On the counter is just a bunch of stuff that was in this drawer before that I never used/looked for. So now lets go clock wise from the top left: In that basket are my blushes and bronzers below this basket is my Beauties Factory 120 palette. Next to that is my eyeshadow primers, bases, eye shadows,  Duo Glue, eyelash glue remover and my lash curler. Next to that in the top right corner is my Tarte jewelry box. Below that I have my brushes that are too short to go into my brush storage. Below that in the bottom right corner I have my foundations, BB cream, Eyeko bronzer and higlighter creams, my GOSH primer and my Mac set powder. To the left I have my Mascaras, concealers and some colored pencil eyeliners. To the left again, is all my lip stuff: Lipstick, lip liners, lip balms, glosses. Finally the bottom left corner I have the rest of my eyeliners: Liquid, gel, pencil, kajal and a few eyebrow powders.

Here's a close up:

And also just to throw it out there I thought I'd show you where I keep my most used brushes and my skincare stuff.

I keep the brushes I use regularly in a mason jar. I keep my face stuff on a basket on the counter my mom and I share this real estate lol all my stuff is on the left side of the basket (In there I have my Body Shop 3 step Vitamin E system. Clinique SPF 50 face sunscreen. A sample of some Clinique SPF 15 anti-aging moisturizer and The Body Shop Honey and Oatmeal face mask).  To the right of all this is where I keep cotton pads.

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