Friday, 17 June 2011

Steals & Deals: Welcome to Lashville

So here's the scoop little babes, I am not very well endowed in the lash department (thanks Mom & Dad lol) so lets talk falsies.. I got these off eBay, I think for everything included I paid something ridiculously cheap like $12.00 for 60 pairs yes you read that correctly I said SIXTY pairs of lashes. I got 6 different styles of 10 pairs of lashes each.

They're not as good quality as Ardell's or something you'd buy for 8 bucks a pair from somewhere like Sally's Beauty but hey, they're totally worth it because you do get some really good bang for your buck.

This is what the photos from the eBay ad looked like:

There were a few defects in the lashes as far as a few of the lash fibers being improperly stuck together, but you can totally afford to lose a few due to the extreme low cost of these. It only works out to about 20 cents each! I also don't like the way the lashes are packaged unlike Ardell's and etc. the lashes aren't attached to a little plastic holder which helps give them their shape. Aside from those two things they're great.

Please note that unlike Ardells and etc. These lashes (at least I'm pretty sure) are NOT natural hairs. They are synthetic - I'm not sure what they're made of. So again they're not as good quality as something you'll pay like $8 for. But they're still good none the less.

This is how the lashes I received look:


Overall I really recommend these for anyone who wants lashes but can't justify paying an arm and a leg for them.

When I wear a pair of lashes from this set I normally take the lashes out of the box and I'll wrap the lashes one at a time around a make up brush with a thick handle (Something like the Mac 187 brush) and I'll hold the lash band around there for maybe 30 seconds or so. This helps the lash band stay in a "C" kind of shape making the application easier.

After the lashes have both been curved I'll measure the lash band against my eyelid and I'll trim off any excess from the part of the lash that will be on the outer corner of my eye. I'll then also trim the excess part of the lash band from the part of the lashes that will be on the inner corner of my eye. Make sure your fairly gentle when you do these two things so you don't undo the curving of the lashes you did previously. If the "C" shape did weaken then you can wrap the lash around a make up brush  to get a curve again if necessary. Then you can apply the lashes to your eyes!


Here is all the lashes up close and personal:

The main reason why I did a post about this is because I couldn't find very many other reviews of eBay lashes before I bought these. So Hopefully this helps someone who's looking for a little bit more info on lashes from eBay before purchasing them! =)

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