Monday, 6 June 2011

ASOS the First & Second Time Around.. Review

I have a huge love for buying clothes online, sure there's a little bit of fear due to sizing, but if you measure yourself a couple times and ensure to correctly read the size chart you should be fine. I suggest if your interested in buying online you should get a seamstress measuring tape or a cloth tape measure. This will just allow you to simply wrap the measuring tape around yourself so you can get an accurate number of your Bust (or chest if your a dude) your waist and hips. You should always also consider shoulder width and length of a top/dress when checking out measurements.

I have a huge problem with buying clothes, I'm about 5'7 which is average but I do have quite a long upper body and shorter legs so it can be hard to find things since the in thing now is "cropped" tops and jackets. I also have fairly broad shoulders a large rib cage. So just for safety reasons I measure myself at least a couple times and allow myself 1-2 inches just for a little bit of grace.

I bought two things from (which is a UK clothing website) they have a huge variety of items in a huge variety of price points. The thing I really liked about the website is on the left side bar it gives you tons of options, from size and color to the price your wanting to spend on something. Their clearance section is also phenomenal. As well as clothing ASOS sells shoes other accessories and makeup

These are the two items I bought:

Image 1 of ASOS Printed Shift Dress Image 1 of Vila Full Cheesecloth Tunic Dress

The black and white print dress is for a baptism I'm going to in the beginning of July. I bought this dress on sale for only $33.24 which was a mark down from $59.09 its a really light weight dress and it will be perfect for the event. The only problem is that I bought it in a size too small, it fit me perfectly everywhere except the chest. So I ordered a second one and shipped the first one back for a refund. The second dress I bought (the white one) is a really REALLY light weight dress, its called a Cheesecloth tunic dress. I bought this dress on sale for $19.48 and it was marked down from $24.79! I thought that this would be perfect for summer and great for hot weather in general.

Overall I'm really happy with the speed at which ASOS sends items out and the short turn around from when I buy an item to when I actually receive an item (which to me in Ontario is about 7 days!) They're order confirmation email comes almost immediately and your shipping notification comes quickly too (either on the business day you place an order if its early enough. Or the next upcoming business day)

My absolute favourite thing about ASOS is that aside from just being able to look at the clothing they have an on the cat walk thingy where they show a model walking in the piece of clothing. This give you such a great indication of how it falls on the body from all angles and how it will move around when you walk... I applaud you ASOS! lol
I will be buying from ASOS again!

You can find the black and whit print dress here and the white Cheesecloth dress here. All of the prices mentioned in this post are in Canadian dollars.


  1. hey dear, what size did you get for the white Cheesecloth dress? Did it fit you well ?

  2. I bought the dress in a size large. I thought it would fit perfectly, but its actually quite big on me, like massively big. I think I'd fit into a med. much better.


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