Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tattoo Adventure.. Re Do's & So On

So about two years ago, I got my first tattoo. I thought it was rad as hell. Something unique, that no one else I knew had. Diamonds baby - on my feet. They were cool at first. It's such a shame though, they were done SO BAD like, ok before these I'd never had a tattoo in my life I was a newbie, and in the world of tattoos I still am. The artist that did them neglected to tell me that the spot I chose for them sucked (you'll know what I'm talking about when you see the photos) Anyways long story short - they are horrid and I'm not digging them any more and in my boyfriend's words they are "so trashy" but he still loves me to pieces regardless of how heinous they are. We both agreed, I must do away with them! I don't mind covering them up with something new because I have no personal connection to them.

SO I did a little research and found a great little place on Bloor Street West in Toronto called Tat-A-Rama. The place has been around since '83 and a lot of the great tattoo artists in Toronto worked there at some point. I went in there and the guy at the desk gave my tattoos a look over and gave me the scoop on how much of an issue it could be to cover them up. He walked into the back of the shop and talked to a few people there, he came back up and told me to wait a few minutes because they had to have a "meeting" about my tattoos.

This other guy came up and took a look at them and told me how poorly they are placed and that he's not surprised they are the way that they are. He then asked what I'd like to cover them with. I told him (I'm not tell you guys yet.. It's a surprise haha) and he said that it can be done but it will probably require me to come back in the future for a few touch-ups. I booked an appointment so in two weeks the journey of my new tattoos will begin!

This is what I've got going on now. Please don't judge me!

Stay tuned for my new tattoos!

...I'm excited! =)


  1. That's just so cute !

    I like it :)

  2. Really? I hate them haha, they're so faded and they're only about 2 years old! I think you'll like the new ones I'm getting I'll post them as soon as they're done! =)


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