Thursday, 9 June 2011

Kajal Liners

I heard about Kajal liners when I came across the Khôl Kajal by Guerlain on, here is the link. This thing goes for a pretty penny too: $36USD.
Terracotta Khôl Kajal

Personally I've never had any experience with this product, so I can't speak on it. But I can say that it did intrigue me. I started looking around for information on Kajal liners. Apparently there are various brands of these types of liners that contain lead.

Here's a little blurb I got off the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's website:

"Which types of kohl, kajal and surma contain lead?

There are many varieties and manufacturers of kohl, kajal and surma. Any of them can contain lead. Recently, the New York City Health Department found the following products to be contaminated:
  • Hashmi Surma Special, made in Pakista
  • Hashmi Kajal, made in Pakistan
  • Hashmi Kohl Aswad, made in Pakistan
  • "Pure Kohl From the Waters of ZamZam"
This really freaks me out, I know that there are probably quite a few reputable manufacturers of Kajal liners but what consumers can be positive about what products contain what ingredients. The point of this post is just to get it out there to be careful when purchasing items you're not familiar with.

The point of this post is also due to the fact that I'm always very interested in trying new things. I love new products, I like to know what my options are, which is why I have an extreme love for Internet shopping. Its allowed me to buy a huge variety of products I'd never get my hands on here. Whether it be make up, nail supplies or clothes (by the way, clothes are my FAVOURITE things to buy online, because rather then being a constant mall shopper and wearing the same things as everyone else you get the chance to own something that no one else you know has - or will ever have lol)

Since the idea of lead in a Kajal liner scares the bejeasus out of me I didn't risk too much here. I decided that rather then ordering from a brand I've never heard of before and rather then shelling out cash on something I'm not sure I'll even like. I took the safe (and cost effective) route I also did plenty of research.

So Stay tuned for a post containing photos, swatches, a comparison and review between two different Kajal liners.. I don't know about you, but I'm excited lol =)

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