Monday, 18 April 2011

GlitterBalm Gets Scammed? Benefit Coralista.. Or RIO?

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So I bought what I thought was an authentic Benefit Coralista blush off of eBay, and I did my research, this seller has a good rating and didn't have many buyer complaints ALSO there were reviews for this product on eBay from the people who bought this item from this seller through eBay.. I thought I did my research and though I'm not 100% positive that its fake, something smells a little bit fishy.

Generally I'm pretty happy with the product I received with only one exception. You know how the blush is called Coralista.. Well the one I have, says Coralista on it but its a sticker, which I may have not even taken notice of if there wasn't scotch tape on one side of the box holding the freakin sticker on. That was all the proof I needed to know this was at least somewhat tampered with. I proceeded to peel the sticker off and it says RIO on it, I tried to see if that was a blush made by benefit currently or in the past but I can't find much info about it.

The blush came with a brush (which doesn't look like the one in the Sephora photo - its more cream in color and it doesn't have a wood grain on it, its just flat smooth plastic) and it had the plastic casing to hold the brush inside of it. The blush itself was untouched (or at least it looks that way) is smooth and super pigmented. I did only pay $8.50 USD (not including shipping) for it so I guess this all boils down to you get what you pay for.

I just thought I'd give everyone who may be in the market for a Coralista Blush off of eBay. Also, if anyone knows anything more about this Benefit RIO thing please leave a comment below and let me know whats up.

Here are some pictures of what I received.


  1. Hey!!! I bought the same one!! Haha.. The thing is, Benefit uad one called Rio and then they supposedly changed the name to coralista! When I received the one I bought from ebay the box just didn't look right.. there were some airbubbles under the cover on the box. I have bought plenty of Benefit cosmetics in the past and they usually have a really nice scent.. this one just smells like makeup! I still like the colour.. so I definitely still be using it alot!! The next time I will go to Benefit to buy the real deal!! Xx

  2. I think the reason they are selling them still and for so cheap is because benefit originally had the brush as Rio and had to rename...I purchased the same blush and was concerned about it's authenticity and began to research both types ("Rio" and Coralista) heavily...I don't understand why they would cover up the name with a sticker if it is the real thing, most companies would either destroy the product or completely repackage...I tested the regular Coralista at sephora and a benefit counter and it is much lighter and oranger in color than the eBay one...however I have had no skin issues after using the eBay one regularly and do love the color much more!

  3. I bought coralista from sephora and it had the coralista sticker over top the rio name, so there's no way yours is fake, just an earlier version.


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