Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Review: GOSH Giant Sun Powder 001 + Swatches

I can't tell you enough how much I've wanted this product, every time I saw it I was like.. Should I buy it? Shouldn't I buy it? and I've passed on it more times then I can count, I just never saw it as something I'd get a lot of use out of. Finally I snapped and just had to have it.. This product wore me totally down and no matter how much I tried to I just could no longer resist. It retails at Shoppers Drug mart (Canadian Drugstore) for $25.99 CAD Luckily though, when I bought it as I was paying I realized it was on sale and I got it for $18.99! Woo! (though this stuff is 100% worth paying full price for)

Anyways, I've used it quite a few times since I bought it and I can't explain how happy I am that I have it, I'd buy it 1000 times over. The first day I used it my boyfriend said to me three times (Yes I counted lol) that my face just looked so naturally nice and glowy.

This stuff isn't super brown, for example I probably wouldn't ever use this for contouring, because its a tad shimmery and its quite light, but its purpose isn't for contouring anyways. To use this just do a light dusting over your whole face concentrating more on the sides of the forehead, the cheeks and down to the chin using the '3' shaped motion on both sides of the face, also apply some on the bridge of your nose and the center of your forehead.

Onto the packaging.. Seriously.. I love..LOVE it.. Its HUGE! and it comes with a fair sized mirror in the top of the case.. This is a great purse item because the mirror is nice and big, way better then those 1"x1" purse sized mirrors.. I carry an obscenely large bag, so I can justify carrying this little baby around =)

Overall this is a 100% love for me, and I will be purchasing again.. Whenever it is that I run out, which won't be for quite awhile because you get a MASSIVE (1 oz!) amount. As much as I thought there would be a huge downfall for this product in that it only comes in this shade there really isn't, it really seems the the people at GOSH covered all their bases on this one. Though the shade of this is quite light the difference I see on my skin tone (NW20) is quite minimal. This seems to just brighten and enhance completion and not really provide a bronzed effect. I do see a slight difference in my skins color, so I assume anyone lighter than an NW20 also would. I think that darker skinned ladies (and gents if it tickles their fancy) could really benefit from this product too, it just gives you such a healthy glow from within look!

So I rate this lovely 5 GlitterBombs out of 5! 

You Can find this product at Shoppers Drugmart Locations or Here.

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