Friday, 15 April 2011

The Tanning Files Chapter 1: Intro

Ok little babies, I know its been awhile.. But, I've been working on something quite intriguing for you all.

If you're anything like me, you hate the idea of:

1) Unnecessary wrinkles due to sun exposure. A.K.A. Premature aging!
2) The thought of sun spots
3) Tanning beds (ok they're pretty nice and warm to lay in, but! I can only imagine the germies! or whatever else may be crawling around in there)
4) Laying in the sun and getting burnt to a crisp because you are super pale (I'm super jealous of you olive skin jerks who can be in the sun 30 mins and walk away looking like a golden god (a.k.a. my boyfriend) or goddess.. I hate you.. Just kidding! I love you all.. Especially my boyfriend! ha)
5) Obviously this applies to everyone reading this: Are freaked out by the idea of Skin Cancer.

SO lets break down whats in store for you, my lovely readers.. I've been doing some research some hands on and some online. I'm going to be looking at and testing out a variety of Self Sunless tanners that claim to give you a gorgeous bronze glow without the negative effects of the sun! I'm going to be testing out things from various price points: Things as cheap as drugstore brands and higher end sunless tanners and a variety of things in between. Please bear in mind I'm NOT going to be testing those instant tanners that wash off in the shower, I'm only referring to things that will stay on your body for more then a few hours.

I think the real nitty gritty of sunless tanners comes down to feet, seriously. Whenever I use a sunless tanner my feet are the first thing that I check out. They are the most susceptible to looking odd due to fake tanning products, weather they're splotchy, overly colored or look like they've been painted by a 5 year old equipped with a can of orange spray paint. So each sunless tanner review will include a foot photo, just to show you how the tan applied to my feet.

I'm going to be adding a review or some sort of information to The Tanning Files at least once a week until I feel that I've provided enough information for you guys to make an informed decision on which sunless tanner would be best for you.

Stay Tuned! =)

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