Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Tanning Files Chapter 2: Arms To Compare

I'm really excited to begin testing out all my self tanners for you guys this is just a post to bring me one step closer to being able to start reviews! Yaaay!

Okay, now for all of you to be able to make informed self tanning decisions you need to see what my skins starting out as so here are a couple photos of my left arm totally free of any sunless tanners or anything to alter my skins natural color. This will be the photo in which you will compare to people, since I like you all I will be including at least one of these photos in all of my Tanning File Reviews just so you don't always have to refer back to this post to compare.. But I thought just for consistency's sake I'd throw it on here also.

I forgot to mention this in the Intro to the tanning files that I will 100% absolutely let whatever self tanner I have on during any given testing period to completely fade out/off until I'm left with my natural skin, then I will proceed to the next product review. I will also not be doing any type of outdoor tanning because (obviously) the whole point of this is to look like you have a legit tan without actually having one!

Expect the first Self Tanner Review Soon!

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