Friday, 18 March 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potion Disco Ball?

So I needed a new UDPP, and I originally wanted to get the professional size one (in the squeeze tube) But I totally forgot it was limited edition.. I don't know what I was thinking, not buying it when I first saw it.. Dur..

Anyway, the reason why I wanted the one in the squeeze tube is because its A) Its more sanitary and B) So the purple color of the bottle (which is actually like a paint) doesn't flake off. The last UDPP I had did this, and the little purple flakies that came off the bottle got all over the stuff in my make up bag (including getting into my brushes!) and all over my hands and then obviously all over my face! It was so irritating, if any of you have suffered with this issue you know what I'm talking about!


I thought maybe going over the whole bottle with a cotton ball and acetone would take it off, but I didn't want to risk the plastic bottle being damaged by the acetone so I used box tape, which my boyfriend suggested =)

I know, I know, the bottle doesn't look as nice or as pretty as it did when you first got it but.. So what, at least you won't go walking around looking like a flaked out purple disco ball, unless that's what your going for.. If that's the case then carry on my friend =) haha

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