Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser, Toner & Moisturizer

This past winter has been worse then ever for me, face wise. I was flaky, dry and pretty dissatisfied with the way my skin was looking even after I washed, toned and moisturized so I hit the bricks and found this little gem!

Its great for anyone with dry skin, its also great for those of you with sensitive skin. I've been using it for about a month now and the improvement in my skin has been amazing.

The bonus is that I don't use make up remover anymore. This stuff takes everything off. Anything that the cleanser misses the toner picks up.


Vitamin E Cream Cleanser 200 ml  - is a cream cleanser, which is nice and gentle, it has almost the consistency of a lotion, it doesn't foam up when you wash your face like a typical cleanser, so just to take it to the next level a few times a week I use a wash cloth and gently rub it over my face (using a wash cloth takes care of exfoliating too) this cleanser won't give you a really refreshing feeling, more soothing. This sells for approx. $14.00 CAD

Vitamin E Toner 200 ml - A really gentle toner, gentle enough to use on your eyes to assist in removing excess makeup. Feels really refreshing. This sells for approx. $12.00 CAD

Vitamin E (intense) Moisturizer 50 ml - Typically you'd probably want to buy the regular moisturizer, but since winters in Canada can get pretty dry, I chose to get the Intense moisturizer, in the summer though I'm going to get the normal one. This stuff is great, it comes in a little jar its super thick and it absorbs into the skin really nicely. I wish the container was a little bigger so it would have the same ml's that the cleanser and toner have so they would all last me the same amount of time. This sells for approx. $20.00 CADAll of these products have a slight baby power like smell.

Available at: The Body Shop

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