Friday, 4 November 2011

I Hate Going The The Salon... CreaClip Review

So pretty much the gist of it is that I hate.. HATE going to the salon to get my hair cut. Its just always a terrible experience. I was scouring the internet looking for alternatives to going to the salon. I tried a few youtube tutorials and they were just ok. I felt too nervous to really do anything other then cutting off 1/8th of an inch of hair lol. While clicking through random hair cutting tutorials I came across the CreaClip. I contacted the company and next thing I knew it was in my mail box. This product retails for $29.95 US plus shipping & handling, you get a larger CreaClip and a smaller one.

Image from CreaClips website
On both the large CreaClip and the smaller (bang sized one) there is a level on the clip that is movable so weather your creating a blunt cut or something on an angle its always a level cut. Its nearly impossible to cut your hair uneven if you use it right.

Image from CreaClips website

Also, on both CreaClips there are tiny teeth on both sides of the clip, they interlock and help to ensure your hair is tangle free and that your hair is evenly spread out throughout the clip so your cuts are even. In addition to this both CreaClip's close with a snap on one end to make sure the clip doesn't slide out of your hair.

When I was waiting for my CreaClip to arrive I started thinking to myself that this product just wouldn't "work" the way it was advertised, I thought that all the people in the commercials had done it a ton of times and that since I'd never used it before I'd screw it up and it wouldn't turn out well at all. I was totally wrong. 

Its recommended that you start off with clean dry hair. In addition to this I also straightened my hair just to make it easier. After this I combed through my hair making sure that there were no tangles. Then I flipped my head upside down brushed all my hair forward and got to work. This is the tutorial I used: 


This is what my hair looked like before:

 As you can see the ends look (and feel) extremely dry. I had extreme split ends.

And this is it after:

 I can't believe how even the cut turned out.

I really can't make one complaint about this product. After one use you break even (at least I did, my hair cuts normally cost $30.00, plus tax & tip). Both of the clips are pretty durable the smaller one is a tad stronger then the larger one, but I think that's to be expected. The only other thing you need when using these is a good sharp pair of shears. Which you can pick up at your local beauty supply store (try Sally's). 

I will continue to use this product, since I'm just keeping my hair layered long. I will go to a salon if I want to change my cut fully, which I recommend you also do but after that I'll just use the CreaClips to maintain my cut, rather then going to the salon to get trims and touch ups.

Overall I really recommend this product to everyone who hates wasting money and time on hair cuts that never turn out how you expect them to. I will continue to use this for years to come! Also, just to mention both my mom and boyfriend loved the way [and were both extremely surprised by] how amazing my hair cut turned out ..And that's saying a lot lol!

Here is the link to CreaClip's Youtube page. There are a ton of different tutorials on there to try out. Also here is the link to CreaClip's website.

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