Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Las Vegas Prep + Update

Sorry I haven't been posting at all, I'm not feeling up to it lately and I've been slammed with Dentist appointments, tooth extraction pain, braces pain and all the wonderful things that go along with that stuff lol. All in all I'm quite happy though, pain and all. Because I finally got my braces. All it took was a cleaning, a $1500.00 down payment (mostly thanks to my lovely boyfriend) and in total 7 tooth extractions, that's including 3 of my wisdom teeth. So its been a long, expensive, painful but totally worth it beginning to a 20 month long teeth straightening journey.

Aside from that, Christmas was in the mix and so was New Years. I know I'm a tad late, but I hope all your Holidays were fantastic and I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

With all the craziness going on, I need a freakin' vacation, well not really, but it would be nice to get away for a couple days. My boyfriend and I are going to Las Vegas in March & we're going to be staying at The Hard Rock Hotel. We talked about going one day and pretty much booked the trip the next.

I was planning on hauling a bunch of stuff, so I began preparing my list (much like the Montreal Inglot Prep) I wanted to go to Mac, So I made a fantastic list. A few days after my list was done, I realized that sure, maybe I'll save $20 or $30 on stuff from Vegas, but not much. So Mac is cancelled, I may pop into the store, but I'm not planning on buying anything, its just not worth it when I can drive 10 minutes to my local Mac store and get the same stuff (when I actually need it) for a couple bucks more.

So, make up wise, I'm going to hit a Sephora (because their Canadian mark up is huge.. Don't get me started on that) and of course, Inglot - Since my Montreal trip there, I'm LOVING their shadows. Because I'm skipping Mac, and therefore saving money by not going there with a massive list, I'm going to splurge at Inglot. I probably going to grab a 10 pan freedom system palette, some gel eyeliners (I NEED [the white one] #76) and maybe a couple blushes. I have a few shadows in mind that I have to look at a.k.a. the rainbow shadows [I feel so psycho] that I already emailed the store and confirmed that they have them at the location we're going to haha.

So until then I promise I'm going to try my best to start posting more often, hopefully at least once a week!

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