Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Paul & Joe Creamy Cheek Powder Kitten 02 Swatch + Review

A few months back I won a giveaway that Beauty Crazed in Canada had. In the giveaway I won a Paul & Joe Creamy Cheek powder in the shade Kitten 02 & I won a Paul & Joe Refreshing Leg Emulsion. 

Even though I won these items together I'm going to be reviewing them separately, just for convenience sake. So first up is the Creamy Cheek Powder! First off I want to say that the packaging, both the box it comes in and the compact itself are gorgeous. The Compact is a light shimmery champagne pink shade on the top it says Paul & Joe, it also has the super cute Paul and Joe logo flowers on it. 

This is what Paul & Joe says about it: "An innocent baby pink. With color that's highly translucent, it delivers a natural rosiness and glow like that of bare skin. Follows contours to adhere snugly to skin, offering superb color durability. The SECRET D'OR formula accentuates the wearer's own innate, beautiful sense of dimension". This blush is 3.2g or 0.11 oz and retails for anywhere between $24-$30 depending where you get it. You can find it on sale at ASOS.

The shade itself is really great. Its a light peachy pink. It can be applied sheer or layered to create a more pigmented flush. It also has the slightest touch of shimmer too it, it leaves your cheeks with a really nice, light golden sheen. Its very smooth and easy to apply (I used my Mac 130 to dab it on and buff it out) 

I think this could be a great highlighter for people who want a highlighter with a pinkier tone.

This is the first time I've used a cream blusher. It didn't cause any oiliness and it wore well, this blush did fade out a bit during the day, but then again when I do apply it I'm quite light handed. I don't know how this (or any) cream blush would work on those with oily skin, because my skin is super dry.

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