Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Michael Kors Sandals

So since Spring is upon us (finally!) I decided that I'd pick up a new pair of sandals. I actually saw these on Breakfast Television (It's a Canadian (Toronto) based Morning/News show) They sometimes feature new fashion/beauty collections from various stores in and around the city. One of the models was wearing these Michael Kors sandals, I thought they were super cute, so when I was at the Mall I decided to check them out at Browns. I believe they were around $62.00 + tax.

I actually can't find these online anywhere, so I'm guessing they're from last summers collection, if I do recall correctly I remember seeing these around last year. 

Lately I've been loving Michael Kors stuff, I'm already eying a pair of flats and a purse. I really like that most of their pieces are classic, with proper care they can be worn year after year without coming across as "so last season". Some of the things they sell can be pretty pricey but if you can make the items you buy last a couple of years then the cost becomes quite reasonable. 

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