Thursday, 20 October 2011

Smashbox: 2 for 1 @ Shoppers Drugmart + Eyelights Smokebox Swatches

A couple weeks ago, I had to do a late night Shoppers Drugmart run to pick some stuff up and of course every time I'm there I have to check out the cosmetics area. While I was browsing I saw that there was a Smashbox special: Buy one get one free of equal or lesser value for selected products. So you could buy an eyeshadow trio and get the second free or an eyeshadow trio and a mascara and etc.

Since these trios retail for $45.00 CAD I thought I'd grab two of them. On top of this I had $30 of Shopper Optimum points saved up so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use them. In all I got $90 worth of shadows for about $15 out of pocket. Good deal, eh?

I've used this trio about 6 times since I bought them (I got both trios in the same colors) I really like them, the pigmentation is fantastic in both of the shimmer shades. One is a sort of vanilla/off white leaning towards a very pale buttery yellow with gold shimmer. The second is a Greyish/Brown leaning more towards brown with a gold shimmer. The third shadow is a matte black with silver sparkles (which cant be seen in the swatch - the sparkles are quite sparse when applied). The black isnt super pigmented, but I like that because you don't have to be super careful with it in application, it builds up really nicely.

I really like that the case it came in has a mirror. This also came with a double sided applicator one is a sponge and the other is angle-liner-brush-esque, I haven't used the brush and probably won't unless its an emergency. 

Overall, this was a great deal and I'm happy I grabbed both of these. I wish I could've gotten them in different shades. But at prices like this, who can complain.

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