Monday, 17 October 2011

No Buy Time =)

So my friends, it seems like its that time again. I'm loaded to the max and if I buy anything else I feel like this huge cloud of guilt that is currently hanging over me is going to explode. Sure, I can continue along my merry way buying everything and anything that "I like TOTALLY have to have" but I want something that will cost more then one mere pay cheques worth of money. I'm getting braces lovelies - and until those damn metal brackets are on my crooked little teeth I'm not spending a single scent on anything that is NOT 100% without a doubt totally, fully, completely necessary. There is no grey area in here little babies.

My goal is to have my braces on my teeth on December 1st 2011(A.K.A. My BIRTHDAY! ...My God I'm getting old).

That gives me... About 7 weeks without a makeup/beauty related purchase. This will also give me the chance to use up a lot of the stuff I have that's almost gone.

This is so strange.. I'm about to do a very serious no buy and I'm super excited! Which leads me to my next point.

I'm going to treat myself to a birthday gift shortly after my braces are on =) A.K.A. When my no buy is officially over!

I'm planning on grabbing myself the Smashbox Holiday 2011 set! Hopefully its still kicking around come time for my Birthday! lol

Here's how it looks:


Isn't is beautiful? LOOK AT IT... I WANT IT NOOOOW.. But I'm going to control the crazy inside me haha.. This set includes: 15 eye shadows, 5 cream eye liners, Mini Photo Finish Lid Primer & Get the Look cards. In addition to this (or in place of, depending whats avliable) I'm also hoping to get my grubby little hands on both the Nars eye shadow duo in Mandchourie (Photo curtosy of Makeupandbeautyblog) and Nars larger than life eyeliner Via Veneto.

 nars mandchourie eyeshadow

Also, with this no buy thing now commencing, I can start to push trough the back log of things I have yet to swatch/review/compare. So that in itself is pretty exciting.

The last unneeded beauty thing I bought, are a few Sigma brushes I picked up because I won (I WON!) a polyvore contest that Katherine at Handmade Reviews was putting on. I was supposed to win some hair products, but unfortunately the company wouldn't ship them to Canada. As a consolation prize she sent me a $25 Sigma gift card.. So I spent it ASAP lol and I went a tad over the $25. A few weeks previous to me winning the contest I placed a Sigma order so I'm expecting two packages from them (wo0t!)

 ..So pretty much expect a Sigma review soon!
Let the No Buy commence.... NOW!

Wish me luck!

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