Tuesday, 25 October 2011

LUSH: Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar Review

This is what LUSH says about the Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar: "Rosemary - We use rosemary to purify scalps in combination with nettle and tea tree. These herbs are incredibly effective when your hair is stressed out. Dandruff-busting rosemary - Beat flakiness and purify skin with rosemary, nettle and peppermint. Your hair is immediately transformed by the antibacterial tea tree. It really goes back to the basics of effective hair care. Everything in balance - This environmental wonder uses soothing rose, chamomile and vanilla to calm and balance out those powerful herbs." $10.95 CAD for 55 g.

So I bought this little baby a few months back and though its lasted me a long time, its not my favourite by any means. I wanted to love this I really did, but, I just don't. First off, unlike the one in the photo above my shampoo bar was JAM PACKED with rosemary chunks. Actually at the time, all of the ones in the Lush store were. I was hoping that they were only coated on the outer most layer but to my dismay they've been constant all the way through the bar. So when I do use this shampoo bar little black chunks are floating in the bottom of the tub and linger throughout my hair. They're not gross or rotten or anything, but.. I don't like them.

Unlike the Cinnamon bar I have, and the Karma Komba  this one does not keep my hair from getting oily quickly, sure I can make it through a day, but beyond that I either need a wash on the morning of day two or I have to throw in a pony tail or something. This shampoo bar does leave my hair feeling super soft after I use it though.

If your like me and get oily hair super fast and are looking for a good shampoo from LUSH my best advice: Go for the New Shampoo Bar A.K.A. the one I refer to as the Cinnamon Bar. I washed my hair Sunday, its now Tuesday afternoon, and my hair is not SUPER greasy! Sure its a tad oily, I'm going to wash it tonight, but to make it through two days without HAVING to wash my hair is great!

All in all if you feel like you still want to own Squeaky Green, do yourself a favor and buy bar with minimal rosemary chunkies.

After I use this up.. I'm planning on ordering the Jumping Juniper Bar since its made for oily hair.

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