Monday, 12 September 2011

Annabelle Smudge Paint Swatches & First Impressions + $1 Off Coupon

Whhat? I'm making a post? What a shock!

Due to my disgusting obsession with make up, I'm constantly scouring the fourms on MakeupTalk, its a really great online community of makeup lovers, both far and wide. I noticed someone started a post about these Annabelle Smudge Paints. Which at a recent Shoppers Drugmart, I made a mental note of checking out online before I made any purchases.

After hearing some good testimony I thought I'd pick up a couple. The added bonus of  a $1 off coupon majorly sealed the deal (see below for coupon). Please be advised that my review on this is purely as an eyeliner, not a gel shadow.

Overall these things are great as eyeliners, which is what I used them for. They go on more on the sheer side though because they aren't specifically intended just as liners they're also gel shadows so they're something you may need to put a second layer on if you want the true to the in the pot (at least in the shades I bought). These are super creamy and easy to work with. When they set they don't budge. The only thing I'd suggest to anyone who buys these is to be aware that they are not strictly a liner. They aren't as thick as a liner so you need to be a tad more careful when your applying them. Again these are much much more creamy then a gel/cream liner.

Annabelle%2B-%2BSmudgepaint%2B-%2BPlummed.jpgAnnabelle SmudgePaint Skyline

Another great thing about these is the innovative packaging. Although I'd like to see the mouth of the pot to be larger or wider just the fact that they've some up with something as cool as an included brush within the lid is awesome. This is so much more sanitary then having the brush inside the product. You can wash the brush like you would any other. In addition to this: To make using the included brush more manageable you can pop it back into the other side of the lid for a longer handle.

L to R: Plummed, Sludge, Muddy, Skyline, Tar 

Plummed: Is a purple base with a slight pink/purple shimmer this shade comes off as a cross between purpleish/burgundyish.

Sludge: Is a dark matte brown which when dry comes across black (see photo above without flash)

Muddy: Is more is a shimmery bronze color.

Skyline: Is a a shimmery royal blue.

Tar: Is a matte back.

This is what Annabelle says about the Smudge Paints: "Catch the latest chic trend for smeared eyelids with the new Annabelle Smudgepaint. Creamy gel-shadow + liner with a velvety smooth, crease free, smudge free texture that will survive anything life throws at you! Its long-lasting waterproof formula glides on easily for a mess free look.Available in 5 highly pigmented shades that will be sure to bring your makeup case back to life!" You get 0.07 OZ / 2 g of product. The suggested reatil price on Annabelle's website is $10.95 CAD (I bought mine at Shoppers Drugmart for $12.99 CAD)
Rather then picking up all 5 of the colors I chose to only buy two which are Skyline and Muddy. I'm planning on going back to pick up Plummed. I swatched all the colors in the store.

Overall I love these, they're great. They're a dual usage thing and though I wish the jar was bigger. I like to know that some companies out there are thinking of new and out of the ordinary thing. I applaud you Annabelle. I now will be paying better attention to your section in the store!

This coupon requires a much thanks to musingmuse on Makeuptalk. She also has a blog so check it out =) GUILT / LUST.


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