Monday, 26 September 2011

My Boyfriend & His Oily Skin.. Clinique Review

I've got straight hair, his is curly. He's olive skinned, I'm pale as hell. He's shorter than me, I'm taller than him. I'm younger than him, he's older than me. I'm easy going and he's totally mental (in the best way possible). To the point of this: My face is dry and his is oily - to further that, mine is SUPER dry and his is SUPER oily. The point is, I've come to somewhat understand the trials and tribulations of an oily face. The shiny-ness, the blotting, the need for alcohol in your facial cleansers and I can only imagine putting make up on top of it all and trying to make it stay in place.

Lets not make it seem that oily skinned people got the short end of the stick here. You oily skinned people get the benefit of aging slower then us dry skinned people. So I'll look like a wrinkled old fruit one day and you'll look young, zestful and full of life for at least a couple more years than me.
Clinique 2.5 Scruffing Lotion for Normal Skin        
My boyfriend has been using Clinique's Men's face line. Hes gone through three of the four toner steps available. Each step getting consecutively better than the last. He began his journey at level 2.5 which is geared towards "normal" skin (he truly believed he had normal skin, I have no idea what the hell he was thinking.. He was in MASSIVE denial I guess haha)

Anywhoo, he started off with Cliniques 2.5 scruffing lotion and moisturizer and cleanser for normal-oily skin. The cleanser he was using is a foaming cleanser & the moisturizer is quite lightweight. This was an improvement to the generic face wash he was using previous, but it was still a bad scene. I would say using the 2.5 toner would be more geared to guys out there who get a tad oily through the day - nothing intense oilwise at all.

After the 2.5 was used up he chose to step up to the 3.5, thank God. Sure it helped somewhat but it still wasn't enough. He would still get very oily throughout the day to the point where his eyes would start to sting and burn. We both thought it was a good idea that he take it to the highest level in Cliniques men's line. I would say using the 3.5 toner would be more geared to guys who have a moderately oily face who show quite a bit of oil throughout the day.
Clinique 4.5 Scruffing Lotion for Very Oily Skin        
Now, this is what I'm talking about he's oil free.. Almost. He's gotten rid of about 80% of his oily-ness the remaining 20% that still starts to appear throughout the day is solved by some blotting papers we got from The Body Shop. I would say using the 4.5 toner would be geared more towards guys who get extremely oily throughout the day.
Though it seems like this story ends on a positive, almost oil-less note. I'm sad to say it does not. Apparently Clinique is no longer making the 4.5 toner. Anything left out there is left over stock stores are selling off. So it looks like we're back to square one.
I've heard some rave reviews about a great cleansing system for people with oily skin. So expect another review on some other products! =)

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