Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mixing Things Up..

I haven't posted in ages, I feel bad I haven't, but I'm not necessarily sorry.

I have a lot going on. 

In the past few months my life has been non-stop crazy.

I won't get into massive details, but the biggest thing I have going on other then my second job (which I just recently quit) is planning my wedding... Er.. Engagement party. I got engaged back in early December, and since we're getting married in Las Vegas ( most likely at The Wynn, there will be no Elvis' in attendance! ) our engagement party is the big party for everyone here who will probably not end up coming to the actual wedding. 

We've been looking at halls ( we're expecting around 200ish people ) center pieces, invitations, photographers etc. etc etc. 

It just feels really never ending, we have so much to do. 

On top of everything going on I kind of feel like blogging again. Not just "beauty" or "food" or fill in the blank. I kind of want a general blog. Where I can provide you all reviews on things that I'm trying out, on recipes I've found and loved, on products I love (or hate) just a mish-mash of everything. 

Expect some visual changes, and some up coming "non-beauty" reviews.

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