Monday, 26 March 2012

Tom Ford Lip Color - Nude Vanille 12 Swatches + Review

Hi everyone! 

I just thought rather then kicking things off with a regular "haul" post that really leads to nothing I'm just going to jump right in and start with swatches! 

While I was in Vegas I picked up three lippies! Two from a CCO (Mac Naturally Eccentric - From the Surf Baby Collection & Viva Glam Gaga 2) and Tom Ford Nude Vanille! (I'm a total nude lip junkie, by the way)

Left to right: Mac Naturally Eccentric, Tom Ford Nude Vanille & Mac Viva Glam Gaga 2

Although this lipstick was kind of a splurge (like a $52.00 splurge!) I thought, why not, I'm in Vegas... Why not indeed haha.

Let's start with the packaging, it came in a really nice box, which was wrapped in tissue paper, no biggie. The lipstick case itself is gorgeous its brown, that's almost opaque with gold trim on the edges, with a gold top and bottom. On the top of the lippie tube is an embossed TF. Gorgeous.

Its a quite peachy nude leaning towards pinkish. It has a slight sheen without any sparkle or shimmer. It has the same type of scent as a Mac lippie, but it has more or a sweeter vanilla scent. All in all I really love this lipstick and even though it costs an arm and a leg I'm probably always going to have one in my make up arsenal.

Even the product itself is so pretty the tip of the lipstick also has an embossed TF on it. As far as the lipstick is concerned, I love it! I don't know if its $52 I love it, but I still love it. The pigmentation is great. For the swatches above, it only took one swipe to get that opaque color. 

Expect more swatches & reviews soon!

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